Why Managed Router Services (MRS)?

With the growth of cloud computing, BYOD and high-bandwidth applications for collaboration and mobility, organizations are increasingly moving to a network-centric model. Faced with additional network management complexity and technological challenges, IT Managers are increasingly choosing to outsource day-to-day network responsibilities.

WAN Manager Survey: Reasons for Adopting
Managed Network Services*

Why choose Managed Router Services from Spectrum Enterprise?

  • Eliminate the expense of purchasing and maintaining equipment and software
  • Improve network performance by relying on our scale, expertise, infrastructure and 24/7 support
  • Increase productivity and free IT staff to focus on business-critical initiatives
  • Ensure your sites and users remain securely connected
  • Lower your TCO for both operating and capital expense
  • Find peace of mind with a fully managed end-to-end network solution from a single provider

MRS TCO Calculator Assumptions

Review the key model assumptions related to self-managed costs to gain a better appreciation for setup and recurring tasks that drive expense and staffing investments.

Assumptions are based on providing 24/7/365 support to ensure network reliability, availability and performance that is comparable to managed service provider support.

Nonrecurring Cost for Self-Managed WAN

Recurring Cost for Self-Managed WAN

MRS Labor Assumptions

Nonrecurring Cost for Self-Managed Internet and Security

Recurring Cost for Self-Managed Internet and Security

MRS Labor Assumptions



Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator

Managed Router
Services (MRS)

Calculate your savings in CAPEX and OPEX while freeing up IT Staff

Choose the Service You Are
Interested In

Managed Router Services (MRS)
For Ethernet Services

For multi-location networks connected via Ethernet service*.
Managed service includes:
  • Router
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Software upgrades
    Network support:
  • Network management & monitoring
  • Outage detection & clearance
* Ethernet service fees excluded from TCO model.

Managed Router Services (MRS)
For Internet and Security

For centralized Internet access or a single site organization*.
Managed service includes:
  • Router, security appliance
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Software upgrades
    Network support:
  • VPN set-up & support
  • Network management & monitoring
  • Outage detection & clearance
* Internet Access service fees not included.
For Internet
For Internet & Security

Inputs: MRS for Ethernet Services

Inputs: MRS for Internet and Security

Tell Us About Your Company

# of Employees:

Site Bandwidth

Internet Access Bandwidth

Based on the maximum router bandwidth throughput needs
  10 Mbps 50 Mbps 100 Mbps 1 Gbps
# of Sites:
Select only one:

IT Network Staff/Contractors

Trained Contractor
# Needed

Hourly Rate


Senior Tech:
Junior Tech:

No overlap of duties between Sr. & Jr. Tech. Override feature enables
selection of additional Sr.Techs or Jr. Techs for supporting larger networks.

  • Self-Managed Costs
  • TCO Savings
  • Comparison

Self-Managed Network Costs

Self-Managed Internet and
Security Costs

Non-Recurring Cost (NRC) Item Amount Tech Hours Cost Type
EF&I = Engineer, Facilities & Install $0.00 0 Labor Labor
Routers & Management Software Router, Security Appliance & Management Software $0.00 0 CAPEX CAPEX
Total Non-Recurring Cost $0.00 0 CAPEX & OPEX
Recurring Cost (RC) Item Annual
Tech Hours Cost Type
Operations, Admin & Maintenance (OA&M) $0.00 0 Labor Labor
Software Upgrades, Patches & Service Contracts $0.00 0 Labor & Service Fee Labor & Service Fee
Training $0.00 0 Labor & Training Fee Labor & Training Fee
Total Recurring Cost $0.00 0 OPEX


 Review to learn more about cost categories with high impact on TCO model.

TCO: MRS for Ethernet Services

TCO: MRS for Internet and Security


Self-Managed vs. MRS Cost Comparison


Self-Managed NRC

Hardware & Software

Self-Managed RC




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